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 Faces Gallery

Gallery with all DROIDTMT Watch Faces for Wear OS devices.

If you have a Watch with Wear OS and you like geek Watch Faces, in this app you will be able to find and see all our Faces with themes of games, movies, series.... Geek Faces, beautiful and functional!

 Fish Weight Calculator

Weight calculator, based on the length of the fish.

Weight calculator, based on the length of the fish. You only need to select the species of fish and mark its length in an easy way. Resulting in an average weight and two other thresholds above and below according to the species and its possible thicknesses.
You will also be able to see a brief part of information about that particular fish and some interesting data. It is kept updated with the most approximate values and calculations and with the largest number of known fish species.

 Field Guide Ingress

Field Guide for INGRESS game.

Field Guide for INGRESS game. Where you can check the times of Cycles, Checks, Link Distances, Access Levels, Items....
That information of quick and easy access for the moment in which it is necessary and you do not know where to go to consult it.